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Clear Aligner Braces

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Clear Aligner Braces

Many people today are choosing clear aligner braces for one important reason; they are nearly invisible, offering a discreet solution for orthodontic treatment.

They correct malocclusions just like conventional braces do but use a transparent, removable aligner. Although you are responsible for changing the aligners every 2 weeks on average, you will attend adjustment appointments so your orthodontist can monitor your progress.

Being nearly invisible is not the only benefit of clear aligner braces. They have no dietary restrictions and do not obstruct flossing or brushing teeth. They are also beneficial because they are customised to fit your teeth and are comfortable, unlike traditional braces.

If you are seeking a discreet and comfortable solution to correct your mild to moderate orthodontic issues, contact Poole Orthodontics on 0120 261 2787 to discuss your options.

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